Do you have a difficult application? We can solve your situation. We will discuss with you on a one-to-one basis what you need to do in a labeling operation. We will do our best to create a system to your specifications and integrate the best user-friendly machinery available on the market today.

We at Wood Labeling Systems know exactly what it is like when machinery or labels do not perform as a salesperson promised. This company was formed in order to solve those situations. We all know the scenario. The product is not properly labeled, will not scan, is rejected by the scanning system or just does not look right. First you call the salesman concerning the label, next you call the service technician for the machinery. The problem becomes evident after you realize the salesperson is not experienced on equipment and the machine technician is not experienced with label stocks and adhesives. Bottom line? Your product is not being sent out and no money is coming in. Donít be alarmed! We can solve your situation.

At Wood Labeling Systems we know that no two applications are alike. We are proud of the innovative solutions completed with our customers.

Here are some applications recently completed or in progress:
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